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Reed Community Building Use Rules and Regulations

Reed Community Building Use Rules and Regulations

Building Fee Schedule:

$50 Refundable Deposit is due at the time of reservation processing. 

Kingston Non-Profit and Kingston Not-For-Profit Organizations:

Weekends (Sat. & Sun.)   min. of 4 hrs @ $75/hr.                                        

During the week after regularly scheduled hours is $40/hr                       

All Other Organizations and Private Functions: 

Weekends (Sat. & Sun.)   min. of 4 hrs @ $100/hr.                                       

During the week during regularly scheduled hours is $40/hr                     

During the week after regularly scheduled hours is $60/hr                         

Fee must be paid prior to the date of the event.


       A $50 refundable deposit is due at the time of Reservation Processing. This fee has been instituted due to the booking of and then cancellations of requested times, without notice.

    Cancellations or date and time changes are required at least one week prior to your requested use date due to staff scheduling and managing all requests. The $50 deposit will be returned at the time of your building use as long as you have not changed or cancelled your original requested time less than one week from your use date. This deposit is required will be returned at the time of use.

The Recreation Commission has noticed that the building use requests for extended periods (for example for September through June) have increased. If the Commission approves extended use requests, they have realized that this then tends to limit the ability to have space available for Recreation Programs.  Therefore, if an extended use application is approved, the Recreation Commission reserves the right to request an organization to discontinue the use of the building, with a 60 day notice, if the space becomes needed to run a Recreation Department program.

  • Beginning July 1, of each year, the Recreation Department begins accepting Fall Meeting request forms for the ReedCommunityBuilding.
  • The Recreation Department staff will process routine requests.  Any new requests will be brought before the Recreation Commission at their monthly meeting, which meets the first Monday of every month beginning at 7:00pm.  The requesting organization will be invited to attend the meeting at which their request will be discussed.

Please read the following Regulations carefully. If you have any questions regarding the Building Use Reservation Process, please call the Recreation Department Office; 781-585-0533.

Failure to comply with the Building rules and regulations could jeopardize your group’s future use.

  • Note that once your request is approved, the Recreation Department staff will try to accommodate your specific room request, however, the exact room requested may not always be available. It is important that you estimate as closely as possible the number of participants expected to attend your scheduled activity. The Recreation Department staff reserve the right to determine room assignments based upon need priorities.                                                                                                                          
  • Deposit is due at the time of reservation processing.  All groups must abide by the Reed Community House Code of Conduct.
  • The authorized representative and/or group will be held responsible for all damage to the Reed Community House/grounds, being used.
  • Cancellations of room reservation are expected at least one week before the scheduled date, this allows the room to potentially be utilized by another group. Groups who fail to notify the Recreation Department, regarding cancellation of their room reservation will receive a warning.  A second failure to notify will result in termination of that specific request.  Groups would then have the opportunity to attend a Recreation Commission meeting to discuss their group's future facility usage privileges.
  • Groups involved in youth activities must assure adequate adult supervision.  Children are not allowed to roam the building without being accompanied by an adult, nor are they allowed to touch equipment not specifically designated for their use (ex. stage, gym mats, toddler toys, etc.) Ball playing is not allowed in the building (unless it is a specified Recreation Department program).
  • The Recreation Department staff must approve use of tape to affix items to walls, doors, etc., as many kinds of tape will leave marks or peel paint.  The Recreation Department staff has special tape that groups can use if affixing items is necessary.
  • Groups must leave facility in the same condition in which it was found. Example - table and chairs should be placed where found, trash should be properly disposed of both inside the facility as well as on the outside grounds.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any facility location (inside or on outside grounds) without prior request and appropriate authorization.
  • All groups are required to physically be outside of the building no later than 9:00pm, unless previously approved through the Recreation Department.

A significant amount of time, effort, and expense has been invested in restoring The Reed Community House and grounds, and we truly appreciate your assistance in helping to preserve it.

Reed Community House Code of Conduct

Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times.  The following guidelines have been developed to make the Recreation Department programs safe and enjoyable for all participants.  Additional rules may be developed for particular programs as deemed necessary.

Anyone using the building shall show respect to all participants and staff, respect all equipment, supplies, and the building as well as refrain from using foul language.

The Kingston Recreation Commission reserves the right to dismiss a participant who does not comply with our Code of Conduct.  Each situation will be evaluated in it's own merit.